Weekly Insight no.2...Renewal and Discipline

Weekly Insight no.2...Renewal | Seed Plant Water Grow

Hello Hello!!!!! I’m BACK for another week of insightful revelations and to hopefully offer up some fun creative tidbits. We are now in the week before Easter and the general feels is renewal. From my perspective, every spiritual practice across the board is leaning into the renewal flow with a supportive narrative and timely wisdom. Every encouraging bit matters, every uplifting voice is needed. I myself try to keep my ears tuned into as many encouraging souls as possible as well as my own inner connection. With all the noise in the world, renewal doesn't come cheap or easy. There’s always a price and that price is usually in the form of releasing a long held something. That something can take on many shapes. I’m sure your brain right now is filling up with all kinds of images. So how do we navigate. Well, everyone will have their own personal ideas but one way I believe is through discipline. I was talking with a client today and we were discussing the topic of discipline. Here’s what the Oxford English Dictionary has to say…(click here). I like to think of discipline not so much as a controlling routine but more of allowing myself time and space to create, to love, to grieve, to feel, to process, to be still and to know that all these expressions are essential to my forward motion and growth. Not shaming one over the other as if time is being wasted but of acceptance and presence so that all can work and flow together more beautifully. If you’re processing a strong emotion yet too busy shaming yourself for taking the time to do so then you’re not really present with that strong emotion. And then when you do sit down to actually engage your creative work your brain will still be wandering around the maze of that unfinished emotional sludge. So, if we discipline ourselves to be kind and gentle within each phase of life, then our creative work can flow more easily and we can get on with all our beautiful projects. I’ll definitely be talking more about this topic in a future Weekly Insight Series. Below you’ll find a few fun extras including a super simple survey. And be sure to check out this week’s Food Story Adventure hereGingerly Sage Pineapple Fusion with Chili Lime. Happy Beautiful Day.

OK, now the survey…

Do you consider yourself disciplined in any area of your life?