Creative Meditation no.4...Kitchen Flow


No rules, no agenda, just being, just existing.  That’s the offer of quite kitchen flows.  It’s a sacred moment of connection with the self and your immediate surroundings, it’s an immersion into a special kind of energy that only comes from mindful prepping.  Asparagus medicine teaches we all have a breaking point.  That crucial moment where the functional part of growth snaps away from that which no longer serves.  The purpose is to thrive. As we grow we break. Again and Again. It’s necessary. If we cling to that which is not needed, we cling to unrealized possibilities, we cling to unhealthy expectations, we cling for the sake of something that once felt familiar. It’s time to LET GO. Be in the flow. Allow the moment to infiltrate all your senses and be present with yourself. Prep work in the kitchen brings solitude. It’s a beautiful space for healing, for meditating and for being creatively present. Today’s creative meditation kitchen flow was brought by way of this week’s food story adventure, Supremely Super Veggie Soft Taco with Smoky Avocado Sauce. Just remember to always be present with your time, with your food and above all with yourself. Love, Hugs and Kisses from me to YOU:)