Creative Meditation no.3

I think there’s this misconception that all meditation practices must be performed sitting quietly with eyes closed. This widely accepted and completely effective method is the go to standard but there are other forms that speak to the core of our hearts. The general consensus is meditation helps connect us to our higher power, higher self, God, the Universe or you fill in the blank. There are many ways people feel connected and each are unquietly beautiful. The point really is to just engage and be present. If we try to make meditation complicated or perfect based on societal perception or belief systems then we really are missing out on all those glorious higher vibration moments.

So start where you are at this exact moment. Even 5 minutes will do. Notice the sounds, notice your breath, notice your cascading thoughts then dial all those sensations down a notch and connect to a perception deeper. What do you see now, what do you now feel? Take 1 minute and write that down on a scrap of paper. Tuck it into your pocket or somewhere you know you’ll find later. Try this technique again and again especially if it’s all the time you can spare. Eventually these moments will weave together and before you know it you’ll have you very own meditation practice.

Meditation moments for me often come through while free flowing in photography. Being still and quite is just as important as my body in a synchronized motion. Photography brings both of these qualities together. From the stillness and solitude of the objects on display and the gentle movement between each picture both provide their own unique channel. The combination of this energy really speaks to me and afterwards I find that a complete moment of stillness is necessary. Then, I like to journal about the impressions I received.

Below you will find more visual moments from my latest photography flow.