Reading Room no.1...Getting Started

Welcome to Reading Room!!!!! This is kind of a newish series here at Seed Plant Water Grow. I had designs to start planting all my ideas from readings, talks, podcasts and other forms of media that get my energy sparklers all stirred up sometime back in 2017 but life decided it wasn’t quite time. So here we are and I’m finally Grateful to get started. The Reading Room concept actually came about from my Pinterest account. Many years ago I started pinning my book collection to a board I created with this title name as a way to organize and share my love of reading. I’m quite the collector and aspire one day to have my own in home library. Actually, I’ve kind of already started. My collection has grown now to more than 800 books(including digital) so I’d say I’m well on my way. Creating this space just seemed natural. So Welcome!!!!! I hope you continue to follow along on this journey as I’m excited to see where it might lead. And don’t worry, if you come here mostly for the food story adventures but are interested in following this creative path, I’ll always share updates in those story adventures. You can also find this series under “Conversation Starter…A place for Conversational Magic” in the footer section for many of Seed Plant Water Grow’s website pages. Again, grateful and let’s get this creative seed planted:)