Creative Meditation no.2

Artful food portraits are blissfully fulfilling.  They enthrall with a whimsical poetic commentary that leaves our senses pondering and trance like, pulling us into a deeper connection with life.  At least this is how I experience such an interaction.  It's as if the insight becomes more clear with every subtle shift until finally that perfect alignment clicks into place and an "ah ha" spills forth.  Such is life.  It's the small steps that lead to the biggest change with each one teaching us something valuable about ourselves and the world around us.  Capturing life from a shallow depth of field provides such an alternate perspective.  The visual distortion alone bends the subject and light to produce an image uniquely different then it's straightforward appearance might suggest.  The depth lures you to peek behind the curtain of perceived reality and beakons you to expand your awareness.  The photo above is my latest favorite in this ongoing series of using photography as a meditative tool.  Simply take a moment for yourself to stare into it's truth and see where the magic takes you:)