50 First Dates with Gym

If you're teetering on the voices edge of the "I really want to get my body strong and in shape" cliff but are inundated with multiple reasons not to jump then check out 50 First Dates with Gym.   The stories and adventures of these 7 women will not only help you make that final leap but they'll even hold your hand on the way down through their nurturing community of support.  Now how's that for a soft landing:)

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"Local fitness bloggers Deanna Burks and Kristin Wilson and their friends are on a mission.

They are trying fifty area group fitness programs and writing about the experience. They are calling their project 50 First Dates with Gym. Deanna says the reason they are doing it is to remove barriers that keep people from trying something new. The group also shares their experiences with nutrition, community fitness, fitness products they use, and how they find support in their busy lives. It's a diverse group of women from all walks of life, all ages and fitness levels." - Deanna Burks