Daily Journaling

Coffee and Journal | Seed Plant Water Grow

Some days(especially rainy ones)...this view is the absolute BEST!!  A cup of coffee(or tea) and a blank journal.  I'm a faithful believer in the power of journaling and have done so myself for many many years(starting all the way back in middle school).  It is an excellent tool in helping navigate through daily struggles.  I can't imagine life without engaging in this process.  It truly is the friend that's always available and ready to listen without judgement and can take wholeheartedly all you have to give while wrapping you in a warm blanket of compassion.  It literally will hold space for you as you process and that is a beautiful thing.  So starting today, I encourage everyone who has never give journaling a try and also to those who do but perhaps it's been a while to find 5 minutes or more to sit with a pen and paper(or a journaling app will do, there are lots of cool ones out there) and just let your thoughts run free.  I promise you'll feel lighter at the very least of some of the weights carried daily as well as feel the welcoming love of a new friendship:)