Spring 2019 Salute...Food, Life and New Adventures

Spring 2019 Salute...Food, Life and New Adventures | Seed Plant Water Grow

It’s amazing how each season will awaken things within our hearts and pull our attention towards life that needs addressing. Whether you’re a conscious participant or not, forward motion and change are both constant. Life is always taking place and our needs are always shifting. But the misconception here is that forward motion is action oriented in the external sense when the reality is forward motion starts with self reflection then migrates into an expression of both. We grow through movement, internal and external, but if we’re not checking in occasionally to feel where we are at or to align with our intentions then this flowing process will find some way to let us know. Sometimes it’s through the whispers, meaning, the little impressions we receive, sometimes fleeting yet enough to bring us into awareness. Sometimes it’s just a millisecond of informational love that steers us back toward a breakthrough. All we need to do is listen.

This Spring brought a resounding message of presence. Some of the questions you might have pondered were where are you now, where do you want to be and what do you need to release in order to align with your blessings. And yes, my feels are that we all have blessings happening at every moment every day, it’s just a matter of allowing your frequency to flow back into alignment. Easier said then done for sure because with so much going on in the world right now, so much new, so much shifting, it’s easy to let the potential chaos of the moment sweep you up. That’s why, I feel, so many people are gravitating towards the healing arts, anything that inspires community and centeredness, a spiritual practice and/or daily grounding techniques. Even something as simple as the proverbial Spring cleaning can be turned into a grounding session, a discipline. Being present in the process of physically letting go of things is by far one of the most therapeutic centering activities around because you can’t consciously clean and let go without being present. Isn’t that why we all put off doing these activities in the first place??? Go figure, lol. I think somewhere deep down we know the impact and are perhaps waiting for that pinnacle moment where timing and energy converge.

Spring ushers in renewal, at all costs. In nature it’s automatic, it’s part of the cycle. There’s no thought about the process it just is, there, engaging that which is natural. We too can be in this flow by staying vigilant to our needs, to letting go, to embracing the new. Even just a small piece in one or more of these areas each day keeps the cycle going. And as long as we consciously participate in this daily practice, then the need to hustle ourselves toward some preciously held expectation of what we think our future should look like will cease to be the focus and a more gentle present centric loving way of existing will seed itself into our daily lives. Life will start to feel more enjoyable even through the ebbs and flows and I think this is a state of presence that everyone can agree feels good. These are just my thoughts and my only hope is that you find a resonating piece in these words that align with where you are in life and in your own daily walk. And to know you are not alone and that you are infinitely loved. Now on to Summer, expression of abundance and ready to receive. Below you will find a compilation of Spring 2019 Season Salute Visual Adventures. Farewell Spring and much LOVE:)

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