Winter 2019 Salute...Food, Life and New Adventures

Winter 2019 Salute...Food, Life and New Adventures | Seed Plant Water Grow

So here we are, Winter Season Salute 2019. Farewell my friend. As usual, you ushered in another growth cycle that visually dazzled and got everyone up and running. So many changes during this season, mostly internally, and so many things that needed to be let go. The cycle of life, it’s how it works. I truly do believe what I said back in Fall Season Salute 2018…

The Season Salute Series is a way of engaging the energy at hand while connecting deeply to life using seasons as a guide - Seed Plant Water Grow

Most everything we need is built into our seasonal environment. It’s worth the attention paid to it’s ebbs and flows and it’s certainly worth protecting. Once your eyes are open to this precious gift, you will never unsee again. Life will start to make sense, not in a everything is ok no worries shove it under the rug sort of way but in a higher vibration connection that gently siphons resolve. It’s harder to hear if you’re not open to nature and her gifts. So keep celebrating Earth’s seasonal cycles and allow every opportunity for her to speak sweet truths to your heart. Continue below to read more about Winter 2019 Salute…Food, Life and New Adventures.

Ginger Bread House & Whole Satsuma Almond Cake

Christmas time really jump starts the winter extravaganza where there is no shortage of inspiration. It’s everywhere. You can’t miss even the smallest of opportunities to show up with something creative. It’s just not possible. Generally I find the best of this energy always seems to manifest in the seemingly insignificant or widely overlooked taken for granted moments. That’s why last years’s winter wonderland theme was a Ginger Bread Village complete with Stars and a Whole Satsuma Almond Cake, a Seed Plant Water Grow favorite. The core focus here being on our village…family, friends, and/or pets as well as the food we take great care to prepare and share with those we love. Gingerbread creations are a go to for many during the holidays and so is our village. I think most everyone can agree that we’ve become so accustomed to our own particular brand of tradition that sometimes all the activities can just run on auto pilot, enabling us to miss out on all those potentially beautiful connecting moments. So this year, really take notice, stop straight away when your tradition list making starts kicking into high gear and really connect to the why. Is it about showing up externally perfectly to please the masses or about truly creating space for healing and community. Each year we can choose differently and allow those choices to become a part of our ever evolving shifting growing village tradition. And if this is currently how you already approach the Holidays…High Five!!!!! If not, no worries. Try something new this year. And please don’t think I’m knocking all your traditions to the curb, I’m only suggesting you try something new and that new can simply be in the kitchen making Ginger Bread Cookies with everyone you love versus rushing to get them baked alone. The holidays seem to get everyone so discombobulated, so my goal here is to offer a new perspective. So create a reminder for yourself and share with me later this year all your beautiful new ideas.

Vegan Bolognese with Pad Thai Brown Rice Noodles & a Creative Meditation Journey

It never ceases to amaze how my Adventures in the Art of Life weave themselves in and through all my creative pathways. It’s like one has no interest existing without the other. They always seem to tie together as a singularly complete tapestry and I love how this plays out. So, on Seed Plant Water Grow you’ll usually find one story connecting to another. Life becomes art becomes your spiritual journey becomes your purpose becomes your creative work and so on. The cycle is constantly in motion becoming. So this particular visual adventure brings together a Food Story currently in progress along with Seed Plant Water Grow’s Creative Meditation Series. Still working on the recipe particulars for this super and I mean super duper delicious Vegan Bolognese. Definitely will have it posted here soon. But…to keep your interests peaked, here’s a quick run down of ingredients.



Liquid Smoke

Braggs Liquid Amino

Onion Powder

Garlic Powder

Smoked Paprika

Crushed Tomatoes No Salt



Himalayan Salt

Equal portions of chopped Walnuts and Cauliflower blitzed together in a food processor then tossed with Liquid Smoke, Braggs Liquid Amino, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder and Smoked Paprika. Spread on a baking sheet and bake at 350 till lightly brown. Shuffle around every 15 mins to redistribute. Approx. 1 hr or so. Next, heat in a sauce pan one can of Crushed Tomatoes No Salt with Oregano, Basil and Himalayan Salt. Add the Walnut/Cauliflower mix aka faux meat crumble to the Crushed Tomato sauce and heat thoroughly. Prepare Pad Thai Brown Rice Noodles per package instructions. Combine the two and Enjoy.

OK, so not the most detailed food story but if you’re enticed to try before I get the long version complete then these guides lines will definitely get you up and going in the right direction. I have a couple more ideas I’d like to tie in with this recipe so expect those additions here soon.

The preparation for this idea came at the same time I was creatively journaling and photographing some newly purchased succulents so, as you can see, in motion becoming in action and it’s this becoming that is vital and life giving. Check out the full Creative Meditation no.3 story HERE.

Strawberry filled Cardamom Pocket Tart Love topped with Beet Juice Glaze

I would be remiss to let February slide by without even a go at the creative exploration offered by the months signature holiday. Love is the theme as is red and everything made sweet. But of course, only if I get to put my unique spin on things. Check out THAT story here. I talk all about family history, heirlooms and mindful presence in the kitchen.

Everyday Adventures

Living a creative life there are always adventures that take place between the cracks of your everyday existence. Don’t believe me? Try being super mindful for a few days and document everything(write, photos, etc.)…everywhere you went, everything you ate, every short coming, every victory, everything you felt and so on, all unfiltered…then check back and connect with your entries. You’ll clearly see that creativity is always there through your writing, your expression, and your photos. It’s harder to see your life as creative when you’re in the moment but once you step back then step back in with new eyes you WILL see it’s always there. Below you’ll find a compilation of some life between the cracks food adventures. Although, the reality is all these season salute stories reflect this very sacred everyday in-between the cracks living, food just happens to be my creative catalyst, my entry point to other precious life expressions. So naturally, here is where, amongst these flavorful delights I receive insight around my creative spiritual life path journey.

A little piece of Me

I bought a variety of some beautiful succulents to bring energy into my everyday life, completely changed my hair color back to a more natural blonde, witnessed an amazing yet brief eclipse due to weather conditions, held my own through some intense winter energy shifts(understatement for us all) and played more creatively with some upcoming mash-up collages. Every little piece matters. It’s my story, it’s your story and every big or small spec contributes to the beautiful life we all live. And yes, every part of our lives are beautiful, even when we’re temporarily struggling to see. It’s there, it’s always there. In the cracks, in the shadows, in the brief bursts of light, and in the everyday life that surrounds us. So get out there and live BIG and celebrate each other because we are all beautifully gifted. There’s room for everyone. So keep connecting to your heart and to the hearts of those who celebrate the TRUE purpose of a creative community.

Reading Room

Launching a new series on Seed Plant Water Grow. Well, let’s be honest, it’s sort of new. I actually created the space here on the website back in 2017 but have been sitting on some ideas. So perhaps if you’ve been perusing the Conversation Starter pages you might have noticed the launch date kept changing. So here I am, ready to go and more than ready to see this series fly. Come join the conversation HERE.

Food Story Teaser

New Food Story coming in April. Here’s a quick teaser of what’s to come. Stay tuned for more delicious adventures because there’s aplenty on the way.