Summer 2018 Salute...Food, Life and New Adventures

Summer 2018...Food, Life and New Adventures | Seed Plant Water Grow

Every season has its own undercurrent of flow inviting us to tap into it’s wisdom. It’s there in the quite whispers, through the breeze, the trees, the sun, the insects, through the interaction with everyone and everything, it’s there to teach, to love, to hug, to spread joy, to open our hearts, to offer a new perspective through the energy that surrounds us. It is there to wrap us up and embrace our struggle and beckons us to release control, our grip and let go of linear time, to feel beyond, to the seemingly unknown, to the quiet spaces, to the eye of the storm…ultimately, to the unbridled stillness. Here, life takes on new meaning.

Summer was an interesting mix of letting go and trusting the spaces between time. Trusting that the Universe, that God, that the energy pulling us to go deep within our very being was bathing us in pure cosmic transformative love because WE ARE so very much loved. And the more we stand unified in that love the better chance its frequency has to pulse out from the soles of our feet, into our planet and connect our beautiful lives. So this years Summer Salute Lesson: embrace the creative chaos of new life being born. Continue below to check out the visual adventures of Summer 2018…Food, Life and New Adventures:)

Fresh Zoodle Noodle with Coconut Cashew Alfredo

This recipe is a simple way of getting something amazingly healthy and quick to the table. Zucchini, Cashews, Coconut Milk, Basil, Tomatoes, Lemon Pepper and more delicious extras. Check out Food Story HERE…:)

Mango Rose Vanilla Strawberry Square Mini Frozen Pops

Summer is a fun time to pull out ALL of your POP supplies and let your creative kitchen alchemist flow free. So many flavors, so many textures, the combinations are endless. This summer I brought out my mini square ice trays because ice trays can be pop molds right??? Of course they can! I played around with Strawberry Sorbet and my friends over at LUCID Tea’s Mango Rose Vanilla. They turned out perfectly delicious. Check out Mango Rose Vanilla Strawberry Square Mini Frozen Pops recipe HERE…:)

Sweet Lemony Garlic Shiitake Sauté with Coconut Rice

Happy healthy go to’s are a favorite and lately have birthed a new kind of kitchen flow…meaning…a way of being present while actively engaging your whole body as you move through the motion of food preparation and creation. The flowing motion is like a reset button grounding your heart. Check out more of this centering activity with the resulting Sweet Lemony Garlic Shiitake Sauté with Coconut Rice Food Story Flow HERE…:)

Extra FUN

Dreaming kitchen creations are always in full swing over here so lots of impromptu moments of ingredient exploration. Below you’ll find a fair few of those adventures from sweet to savory and everything in between complete with visual stories:)

Creative Meditation

Creative Meditation is way of being present while engaging your environment creatively. It’s all about holding space for yourself while releasing to the whispers of life. It’s in this flow that you’re able to find peace and clarity. The resulting image speaks a nuanced narrative, gentle and straight to the heart. Opens to all the feels:)