Spring 2018 Salute...Food, Life and New Adventures

Spring 2018 Salute...Food, Life and New Adventures | Seed Plant Water Grow

Farewell Beautiful Spring.  Your energy brought in a variety of experience cycling through internal and external creative exploration.  It was intense and therapeutic as well as growth oriented and centering.  The opposites of life were present in every moment bringing together an interesting 3 months.  Thank You for your Wisdom, Beauty and Color Therapy.  Till next year:)

Asparagus Project

It started as an inkling that quickly came together.  I call it a project because the goal thereafter was to create a new favorite salad that could be quick to make using simple ingredients.  One that could be personalized or super sized without much effort to the overall process.  Asparagus Spring Medley was the yummy result.  It's creation delivered an abundance of opportunities to make and remake.  Check out full Food Story here.

Juice and Shots

I drink Juice on a regular basis.  Celery, Green, Beet, Ginger you name it, I love it.  I definitely hit up my go to juice bar spots around town but having a centrifugal juicer at home also provides a unique opportunity to create more options such as daily shots and yummy dehydrated crackers constructed from the veggie pulp.  Check out those adventures here both from Spring 2017 Season Salute and Fall 2017 Season Salute.  And certainly don't miss the latest Celery, Ginger, Lemon Juice Shots and Elixir Food Story.


Ingredients are the centerpiece of every culinary creation.  They provide a window through which intent is visualized.  So naturally displaying them in a creative way opens the viewer into a whole new area of engagement and from that entices the senses to perceive an alternate world of possibility.  All Food Stories on Seed Plant Water Grow come with a visual ingredient list.  It's an inspirational way of beginning the creative process.

Impromptu Fun

As always, there are lots of impromptu moments in my kitchen.  When the urge hits, creative culinary action is a must.  Lemon seemed to be somewhat the theme with a rework of my Apricot Oat and Seed Bars as well as lots of extra of dehydrated Lemon Seed Crackers to accompany Tomato slices or whatever else was the craving of the moment.  Matcha being a kitchen staple was also on hand and always ready for a good creative go around.  


June brought a family girls trip to Vegas.  Mom wanted to see Celine at Caesars before her show run ended so off we went.  It was a quick long weekend filled with sights of all kinds.  I'm not much into crowds and noise but I did manage to block some of it and have some creative fun.  There's never a dull moment in the land of sensory overload but where it may lack in peaceful offerings it more than makes up in opportunities to visually see things from a different perspective.  This is what I love most.  The play of light both above and below and the details laid into even the casual viewers experience.  You don't have to try hard to see anything stunning but you do have to be present to see it differently.