Asparagus Spring Medley

Asparagus Spring Medley | Seed Plant Water Grow

Here we are, navigating the last vestiges of Spring.  This time of year there always seems to be an unspoken overlap where the seasonal line is blurred.  Everyone is anxious for Summer and as such tends to dismiss the energetic beauty on offer in the present moment.  Plans are being made and steering through all the busyness becomes an almost admirable quality.  It's funny how we can get wrapped up in a vortex of activities and pretend every spec of it is necessary.  Summer is notorious for this extrapolating behavior.  Watching this patterned display with detachment is far more healthy.  But first, let us finish enjoying Spring and all it's colorful nectar.  We still have around 3 weeks to embrace the full of life lessons, so join me in appreciating the present moment bounty.  Continue below to check out this week's food story adventure:)


Here's what you need to get started...

Asparagus Spring Medley | Seed Plant Water Grow

Asparagus Spring Medley

1 bundle of Asparagus

1 Red Onion

1 Mango

1 cup Watermelon cubed

1 small Avocado

fist full of Cilantro 

1/4 cup Lemon Juice

Lemon Pepper


Pink Himalayan Salt

This recipe is really quite simple.  Set oven to 400 degrees then start prepping by diagonal cutting the Asparagus(break the bottom section off before cutting) and cross cut one small Red Onion into cubes.  

Asparagus Spring Medley | Seed Plant Water Grow

Place all on a baking sheet.  Toss with a little Olive Oil, Pink Himalayan Salt and Lemon Pepper.  Bake for approximately 15-20 minutes.  In the meantime, to a bowl add 1 cubed Mango, cup of cubed Watermelon, cubed Avocado, cut Cilantro and Lemon Juice.  Toss and set aside.  Once your baking sheet of goodies are ready, pull from oven and let rest for 5-10 minutes then add to your other bowl of prepared goodies and toss together.  Add Lemon Pepper, Dill and Pink Himalayan Salt to taste.  

Side note extra, after making this medley a few times I've also thrown in Celery Seeds and Sweet Corn cut from the cob with exceedingly delicious results.  So now go grab yourself a party style BIG bowl and feel free to double, triple or quadruple the recipe because you'll most definitely gobble it up fast.  ENJOY:)