Winter 2018 Salute...Food, Life and New Adventures

Winter 2018 Salute...Food, Life and New Adventures | Seed Plant Water Grow

So long Winter 2018, we had some colorful and appetizing adventures.  From the Holiday fare to renewed recipes, creativity was in full swing.  Most days were gifted with lots of flavor, swag and definitely lots of ideas, a smorgasbord of dreamland activity.  And with the theme of hibernation traveling alongside, balance was kept in check.  The quiet was interspersed throughout, ready to receive whispers of hope and remind our bodies to rest.  So Thank You Winter for your wisdom and companionship.  Your tutelage inspired the heart awake.  Life's seasons have so much to offer if we just pause and listen.  Continue below to follow Winter 2018 Salute...Food, Life and New Adventures.  ENJOY:)

Food Art Calendar Cards 2018

Say hello to Seed Plant Water Grow's Food Art Calendars, the first year's offering.  They were a passion project produced from the many creative hours spent photographing and styling.  It was exciting to manifest yet arduous to process, a path every creative endeavor travels.  I'm looking forward to compiling images for the next 2019 round and will definitely be artfully tweaking with some new additions.  

Creative manifestation in this world is hard enough but exponentially so without the support and love of those who truly want to see you succeed.  The response to this first run was outstanding and the feedback was more than I hoped.  Thankful for every speck of goodness, especially from my dear friend and mentor Erick Anderson with EAFOTO Photography/Graphic Design for helping me bring this project to life.  

Holiday Revisted

One of the first cakes I shared on my website has over the years become a holiday favorite and so this Winter I decided to change things up and perform a little rework magic.  Whole Satsuma Almond Cake layered with Orange Buttercream topped with mini Gingers.  Every holiday brings out the special treats, especially of the gingerbread extravaganza kind, so naturally they were included.  The cake itself is simple, click here, and the buttercream came together through vegan butter, powdered sugar, raw cacao and orange extract whipped till fluffy.  It came out beautifully delicious and will definitely be making another one next Christmas.  Oh, almost forget, that lovely slice of pie you see below is just your basic no crust lemon chess pie because who needs crust when you're craving the filling.  Quick and impromptu, how I roll some days in the kitchen.  

If you're intensely interested in more of the Orange flavor game, also check out this Seed Plant Water Grow favorite.  It's another rework from the cake below but is vegan and square and super yummy.  Whole Satsuma Squares with Toasted Coconut.


If you long for community and easier times this food story is for you because nothing speaks greater volumes than a group of love gathered around a campfire roasting marshmallows and sharing stories.   Graham Waffle Wafers and Cacao Hazelnut Butter S'MORES.  This was my first food story of the year but one I had in mind while creatively dancing through December.  Check out complete story here.

Chips and Dip

Chips and Dip???  I guess it depends on your perspective.  Mine definitely.  After dehydrating Blood Oranges, Limes and Meyer Lemons this is the path my inspired brain traveled.  Citrus Chips and Cayenne Cacao Pudding Dip.  The later is a rework from another Seed Plant Water Grow favorite with the addition of Almond Yogurt and other zippy ingredients.  This was a fun food story to photograph.  There were lots of inspiring moments.  Check out complete story here.

Banana Bread Doughnuts and Loaf

Because who doesn't like a versatile recipe.  I became obsessed around the start of the year with making Banana Bread but mindfully one I could call my own.  I finally managed to tweak the darn thing here and there, veganizing the heck out of it as well as lowering the sugar ratio.  The taste was worthy and passed the inspection of my testers.  It was complete, or so I thought.  With Valentine's Day around the corner and Beet Juice currently on repeat, inspiration struck again.  Years ago I made a batch of Apple Cider Baked Doughnuts and have been meaning to revisit this treat.  Here was my chance but instead by using my new Banana Bread recipe with a Beet Juice Glaze.  If you've ever followed my Cookies and Espresso adventures you can see why my brain went in this direction.  Creative color patterns are fun and therapeutic.  So are the many opportunities to retell and weave prior adventures.  Check out the complete story here.

Lemon Seed Crackers and Banana Butter

Crackers are happier when slathered with something good and sometimes your usual go to spreadable just won't do.  Enter homemade dehydrated Lemon Seed Crackers and Banana Butter.  Mischievous and Tantalizing to say the least but palette worthy and that's all that matters.  My dehydrator is one of my favorite kitchen tools.  As a matter of fact, I've got a batch of cheesy Kale Chips dehydrating as we speak.  But crackers are creative repeats around my kitchen especially those made from juice pulp.  To read further about this food story adventure, check out the complete story here

Sips -n- Stories

There's always some kind of sipping adventure going on in my kitchen, from tea to coffee to matcha to smoothies to juice to you name it, if it's sip worthy it's getting sipped.  And there's always stories to go with a cup of the current sip of the moment.  You can find these impromptu mini adventures on Instagram where I share my thoughts.  Follow along here.

Comfort Eats

I don't think there's any explanation required for the term "Comfort Food" other than to say it's presence tends to travel a wide spectrum of possible delicacies usually manifesting into the specific needs of any given moment.  Everyone's cravings are different and even those can change drastically.  So, comfort food is just comfort food.  No matter what.  Below you will see a few my choices through the prior comfort food capital Winter months...soup blends, orzo, pesto, homemade crackers and casseroles. 


Every food story starts with an artist palette full of ingredients.  To display them is creative love for the story to come.  My small bowl obsession is fairing well these days, happy to be doing what they do best...organizing ingredients in artful configurations with color and texture on point.  It's mindful mapping and calibrating the moment for adventure.  Virtually every food story on Seed Plant Water Grow comes with a visual ingredient map.


In some ways, it's hard to believe it has been a year since my Dad's passing.  He's still with me though, in my heart, guiding my very being.  There's not a day that goes by where I'm not grateful for the time and his love.  But I miss him.  He would text us all at least 10 times a day.  Funny pictorials, witty blurbs and some crazy recipe ideas.  He loved food.  My Aunt even had his "C G's Perfect Lasagne" printed in our hometown newspaper years ago.  He was the one growing up who did most the cooking.  Every Christmas was always filled with some new kind of gadget, all of which now have a permanent residence in my kitchen.  They are my treasures.  He used to always tease me about cooking mostly vegan but the truth is he would have gladly with a full heart eaten anything I made.  He loved my work and championed my creative story.  So I miss him.  Time has definitely shifted and healing is ever present and even though life does move forward, you're still processing, in some way, on some level.  You may not show the pain to the world everyday but it's there, transforming.  So today, I really just wanted to honor my Dad.  We still love you with all our hearts and are embracing you in many Happy Beautiful Hugs:)

Winter 2018 Salute...Food, Life and New Adventures | Seed Plant Water Grow