Fall 2018 Salute...Food, Life and New Adventures

OK…Here we are, the beginning of a New Year so let’s give Fall a proper send off. Most of us over the past several months have emotionally, symbolically and/or physically traveled far and wide with stories to tell unique only to our own personal existence. No two are the same yet every single story connects. Perhaps it’s through an essence, a feeling, a narrative that collectively brought us new meaning or perhaps it’s through the ever present plight for peace that grips our core hopes. Thankfully the one constant in all of this is our ability to creatively process through even the most dense of fogs. Every photo, every word, every idea counts giving our story life, a direction and if we choose a transformative perspective. That is what the Season Salute Series means, a way of engaging the energy at hand while connecting deeply to life using seasons as a guide…a beautiful friend. Continue below to visually explore Fall 2018 Salute…Food, Life and New Adventures:)

Food Art Calendar Cards 2019

Photographing food artfully is kinda my thing. I can’t imagine approaching it any other way. There’s just something about the arrangement of ingredients and the placement of wholesomely prepared recipes that makes me happy. When I’m in that space, I mean really in that space, it’s like time stands still. It’s just me and the food waltzing. Now to be fair, this is what I experience when working with a simplified intent but any project that requires multiple moving parts is usually engaged with differently. The reason is because the intent is diversified causing your focus to deepen. It’s like trying to hear multiple voices talk at once while comprehending each message with perfect clarity then translating that message into a creative story. The beautiful unbridled symphony of chaos can sometimes feel, well, a bit chaotic. In these instances it’s usually afterwards, when my feet hit the ground, that I embrace the glow of what transpired. So naturally I’d want to share and Food Art Calendars are one way for me to share the creative love.


Creativity is the beautiful unbridled symphony of chaos

- seed plant water grow

Birthday Love

In my family, Fall brings in many Birthdays so treats are in full swing. Personally I don’t like to consume loads of sugar so finding ways of satisfying while being as health conscience as possible is always at the start of these adventures. But of course, there are exceptions. You can’t really alter the alchemical composition of Champagne and why would you. This celebratory bubbly is so good, once in awhile. As for the rest, check out those adventures below

Peanut Butter and Avocado Chocolate Mousse Swirl topped with Coconut Milk Whipped Cream

Butternut Toasted Coconut Spice Cake with Candied Walnuts

Adventures in Life

Every season offers an adventure in the crevices of life but from the general mood and changing landscape Fall seems to bring it’s own particular kind of magic. Transformative in colors and a shift in the air. Or maybe it’s because I’m a Fall baby and it’s when I feel most at home. But I think it’s safe to say there’s no denying the exhilarating brush of leaves or the warming of hues. It’s like there’s something special woven right into the fabric of this seasonal time. Below you’ll find many outdoor Fall Adventures.

Impromptu Foodie

This season brought little by way of impromptu kitchen adventures but no worries because Winter is all about the slow cooker love and it’s about to get amped up. Below you’ll find homemade Chili with all the fixings and an impromptu spice bread run in an effort to create a new morning muffin. It’s eventual landing recipe came through the above Spice Cake Birthday Adventure.

Creative Meditation

Several years ago I enthusiastically started a series called Creative Meditation but like all creative adventures they can sometimes come to a halt. Now yes, sometimes the channel through which the creative message travels can be user misinterpretation but it can also be a prelude, an invitation, an opening to the energy that’s coming through and by planting a seed of intent early it’s given plenty of time to integrate into the creators foundation so that the message coming though can be synchronized from a place of love. At least this is how I view creative start/stops. When I feel the halt, I pull the project aside and let it tell me what I need to know. Most of the time it’s a deepening, a centering that occurs and an overwhelming sense to feel. This can be challenging. Not the feeling part but the waiting part. Sometimes the way IS through, meaning by just trying over and over till the energy finds it’s way but I also believe sometimes the way through is to halt and experience the present moment. Both take courage and both are difficult especially in a world as fast paced as ours. People seem to need to know the answers and halting can seem paradoxical. Sooooooo with all that, this project is now back in the flow and I’ll be discussing more of my views here soon. Looking forward to all the fresh energy this New Year will bring.