Coconut Matcha Mint Pops with Homemade Cherry Jam

After spending time with hometown friends Lindsey and Mitsy's new tea company LUCID I knew something edible wasn't far behind.  Inspiration always grabs your attention like that especially when interacting for the first time with another's creative masterpiece.  There will be a more detailed account of their journey in an upcoming People section profile but for now let's highlight this recipe.  It came together quite easily.  Even the visual capture cooperated as sometimes working with cold food does not.  It pretty much is the epitome of "go with the flow" because pops do melt in time.  Those pictures can be cool as well but not when your creative eye has fixated on showcasing the pop patterning.  Anyway, you probably came here to check out the ingredients for this summer treat not to hear me drone on about cold food photography, which I can do by the way.  I'll post about that one later.  Ok...on with this adventure, check out the recipe below.

Coconut Matcha Mint Pops with Homemade Cherry Jam

1 bag of Fresh Cherries

2 tbsp Lemon Juice

1/4 cup Organic Sugar

1 can full fat Coconut Milk

11 large Mint Leaves

2 tsp LUCID Tea Matcha

1/2 tsp powdered Stevia

Pop Mold 

Pop Sticks

These are soooooooooo easy to make.  The only part that takes time is the Cherry Jam but that can be done the day before or even a week.  Good to have on hand anyway.  First you'll want to remove the pits from the Cherries then place in a sauce pan with the Lemon Juice and Organic Sugar.  Bring up to heat and keep simmering till the water releases from the Cherries and gets all bubbly.  You want it to start thickening up but not so far in as you would when making a traditional jam texture.  We want it stay a bit movable so just monitor and use your discretion.  20-30 minutes seems good.  When it reaches that perfect fluidity remove from heat and place in a high speed blender and only blitz it for a pulse or two.  The goal is to break up the pieces but not create a smooth texture.  We want it to remain a little chunky.  Place back in the sauce pan and set aside to cool completely, all the way to room temperature.  

Next, place the Coconut Milk, Mint and Stevia in a high speed blender and blitz till smooth.  Pour this mixture into your pop molds a little more than half full and place in the freezer for around 20-30 minutes.  We want it to get just cold enough to suspend the Cherry Jam so again use your discretion.  Once that has been achieved spoon in the Cherry Jam and using a pop stick give it a quick stir around.  Place back in the freezer for 15 minutes then add your pop stick of choice.  Now let them freeze completely.  ENJOY:)