Strawberry Delight

Strawberry Delight | Seed Plant Water Grow

As Strawberry Season comes to a close it somehow feels symbolic to the energy of May.  A crescendo of activity peaking before releasing to natures call.  So much reflective movement towards creating space for a season of new.  The letting go journey is never an easy one but ripe with possibilites if we allow the process to flourish.  Food growth teaches us so much from season to season and the elements in which they thrive.  I find it interesting that we've come so far in so many ways to have partially neglected this wisdom.  The growth of wisdom breeds insight and insight carries us forward.  So over the next few days while devouring the last of those locally grown seasonal berries just sit for a moment and allow the impact of their cycle to wash over your senses.  Commune with their message of Happy Beautiful Love.

Below you'll find a collection of Strawberry Adventures from Sprout Sandwiches and Salads to Nice Cream and Dehydrated Chips.  A few of these recipes will be discussed more in an upcoming food story but for now I wanted to honor and dazzle this seasonal Strawberry Delight.  Also check out Seed Plant Water Grow on Instagram for a more intimate account of these visual stories.  I'm currently working on bringing more of them to life here on the website so stay tuned for upcoming exciting changes.