Fall 2017 Salute...Food, Life and New Adventures

Fall 2017 Salute...Food, Life and New Adventures | Seed Plant Water Grow

Farewell Fall, your culinary deliverance was amazing as usual.  I wish there had been more time to play but we definitely scratched together some memorable moments.  Now you may rest as Winter comes to take the reigns.  Continue below to journey through Fall's Adventures in the Art of Life:)

Bloomsbury Baskets

Fall 2017 Bloomsbury Farm CSA baskets were as plentiful as ever.  I loved getting to spend quite moments photographing all their splendor, always a source of inspiration.  Look forward to next years adventures.

LUCID Tea...Turmeric and Matcha

My friends over at LUCID Tea have some amazing blends and lately I've taken to using them in alternative ways.  It's fun to play the alchemist and create.  You never know what kind of interesting twist might occur when combining quality with ingenuity.  Below I played with their Turmeric Herbal Blend mixed with Golden Beet Pulp and seasonings for some dehydrated crackers as well as infused Coconut Milk Butter Pecan Ice Cream.  Their Matcha found its way into my new favorite, homemade Mallows.  Just whip up a batch of your favorite Marshmallow recipe and toss with a powdered sugar/matcha blend.  Add to your favorite anything or enjoy by themselves.

Happy Birthday

October is a busy Birthday month in our family so special treats are always on the creative menu. Below are those adventurous results...FIVE SPICE PEANUT BUTTER BIRTHDAY CUPS WITH SALT AND SAGE and CHOCOLATE DREAM BIRTHDAY CUPCAKES topped with RAW CACAO/TURMERIC BUTTERCREAM and TURMERIC(lucid tea) infused BUTTER PECAN COCONUT MILK ICE CREAM.  Link will take you to the full food story breakdown.


A couple of those Fall CSA baskets from Bloomsbury came with a load of Squash that I hoarded for a few weeks before roasting off and using to make Homemade Butternut Linguini tossed with Five Spice Cashew and Squash Alfredo.  Squash is so versatile and forgiving.  No matter what you do with it, it's going to be good.

Fall Inspired

The fun part of each season is spontaneity...with ingredients, with creative vision with being present and really listening to those impulsive detours from the same old routines.  The biggest for me was Pickled Radishes and Golden Beet Lattes.  For the first, I'm not a huge fan of Radishes but discovered that pickling them has left an impression on my palette.  You can kind of put them on anything, and they're good.  So I guess now I'm a fan.  The other, Golden Beet Juice blended with Cinnamon and Spice till frothy and topped with mini Chocolate Chips was a new and inventive way to enjoy the always good for you elixir.  Definitely a Fall inspired treat.  The rest of the adventures went to Pumpkin Bread, Kale Chips, Hearty Soups and Salads.  All Delicious.  

On a special note, the beautiful Dahlias you see below were gifts from Natchez Glen, a local private garden.  Check out their Instagram page to follow their adventures.