Road Trip Picnic Part 2: Sriracha Beet Chips with Thyme

Road Trip Picnic Part 2:  Sriracha Beet Chips with Thyme | Seed Plant Water Grow

Welcome back to Part 2 of my Road Trip Picnic.  This portion of the journey will share another road trip recipe as well as explore my creative process leading up to the adventure.  So let's get started.  The first step I take when deciding upon any new food story is engaging with every idea that comes into focus.  Here I'm better able to sort out what's currently doable and hone in on a particular source of inspiration.  Once I grasp a concept I always leave the creative door open because this initial phase is just skimming the surface of what's trying to manifest.  In this case, Hot and Spicy Sprout Sandwich's were the source.  I've been eating quite a lot of them lately so I thought it was only proper to share in a food story.  But at the time, my family and I were also planning our annual trip to Monterey, TN to place flowers on my Granny Hall's tombstone.  And that's when I got flooded with all kinds of creative threads, ideas, and mini movies for a complete picnic set up.  I'm always looking to challenge myself just to see what I can pull off and what better way to do that then on the road with your family.  Sorry guys but creativity and family road trips don't always travel seamless paths.  As much as we all love each other someone somewhere is going to get bored or cranky with the story gathering process and make that known so I knew going in would be a gamble.  Whewwwwwww is ALL I got to say.  I kinda stressed about it prior to leaving and totally had moments of second guessing my decision but again unless you challenge yourself you never grow.  

So away we went.  With a photo and video shot list in hand as well as a day model procured (my sister, LOL) I was ready.  Of course naturally I did not consult the shot list.  Got completely pulled into the moment which by the way is pretty AWESOME.  Alas, my well laid plans were not a total waste as they served as THE guide to get me aligned with the purpose of the creative journey.  Which was start with a few key points of what I wanted to capture but BE in the moment and capture what I SEE.  This simple yet powerful statement became more prevalent as the day continued.  Mini waterfalls off a small bridge, the shadow of hair blowing in the the wind, the sun's uncooperative participation yielding to some creative maneuvers, and a wrong turn opening onto a vast field with a scenic back drop of an enormous tree.  

Road Trip Picnic Part 2:  Sriracha Beet Chips with Thyme | Seed Plant Water Grow

Quite symbolic actually since the Tree of Life is a powerful image and I just so happen to wear a ring and bracelet with such a depiction.  A sign of on the right track.  The final act of being present came as my sister and I were making the trek back to Nashville from our parents house while the sun was beginning to set.  Oh how I wished to capture the sunset but feared it was too late.  Imagine my excitement as we neared the interstate's on ramp when an opening in the trees yielded to a glorious view on the horizon.  We snapped into action and pulled over quickly.  Playing musical chairs my sister took the wheel and we speed away to greet this beautiful gift.  

Stay tuned for Part 3  & 4 of this Road Trip Adventure and the creative finale.  If you're just now catching this series click link below to read Part 1.   

Road Trip Picnic Part 1:  Spicy Sprout Veggie Sandwich with Smoky Artichoke Mayo

 And as always, much Gratitude for coming along on this fun filled journey.  Continue below to follow Road Trip Picnic Part 2:  Sriracha Beet Chips with Thyme:)

Here's what you need to get started...

Road Trip Picnic Part 2:  Sriracha Beet Chips with Thyme | Seed Plant Water Grow

Sriracha Beet Chips with Thyme

1 medium Beet

1 tsp Sriracha

1 1/2 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar

1 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Dried Thyme and Salt


Start by throughly washing, drying, and slicing the top off the Beet then precede to slice them on a mandolin.  I usually set mine at the first 1/2 notch to 1 notch.  You want the beet slice to be sturdy but not too thick so play around with your slicing instruments settings.  Place them in a large bowl and add the Sriracha, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Give a good toss till evenly coated.  Place the slices on a silpat baking sheet and sprinkle with Dried Thyme.  You can Salt them a little now or wait till they're finished baking.  

  Bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes.  I find that I do need to keep an eye on them because some of the slices will cook faster then others.  I usually remove those first.  You don't want to over bake.  They'll definitely crisp up once removed.  Let them cool and eat immediately.  Enjoy:)

Road Trip Picnic Part 2:  Sriracha Beet Chips with Thyme | Seed Plant Water Grow

Be sure to check out the video below of the entire process...