Music City Festival Adventure

Music City Food and Wine Festival | Seed Plant Water Grow

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending Nashville's Music City Food and Wine Festival.  The event took place downtown over the course of two days showcasing some extraordinary talent.  It was absolutely a whirlwind of food, wine, music, and fun.  This year was the third annual and my first to attend so I wasn't exactly sure what to expect which made going in kind of exhilaratingly scary.  Let me explain.  I tend to energetically get overwhelmed by large crowds so that alone can induce a little sensitivity when walking into a first experience BUT at the same time the excitement that comes from the unknown is what powers me forward.  Over the years, I've developed techniques to help me navigate these type of situations so I knew I could handle it.   Day one comprised of two parts.   It started with an afternoon full of Grand Tastings provided by local, national, and international artisans tempting the crowd with bite sized tastes, sample wine, sample spirits, Chef showcases, and book signings.  My friend Sophia with Projet Chocolat and I tackled this portion of the day together.  It was a fun girls adventure out and we enjoyed every second.  As day one came to a close we parted ways and I ventured on to the second part, Harvest Night, and met up with a few more friends.  It took place that evening and was set to showcase Top Chef's providing signature tastes as well as music from some amazing world class Artists.  For additional information about the line up click here.  I have to say that the evening portion was way more than I expected.  The atmosphere was like walking into small party where you felt like you knew everyone even though you didn't.  The energy was so calm and magnetic.  I felt completely and utterly at ease.  As day one events came to a close I felt perfectly full in the belly...hahahaha...and in the heart.  Day two of the festival was similar to the previous with the addition of a Sunday Brunch, live music, and a change in the Chef showcase line up.  This time I tackled the day with just myself and my camera.  The two of us had a swell time documenting all the local fare and meeting some new faces.  I have to say all in all I had a splendid weekend.  My sensitivity level pinged a few times but overall the experience was worth it.  I can't wait to go back next year and now that I know the layout, I can pre plan a little as to how I want to creatively share my experience.  Check out the gallery below of this year's compilation.  Enjoy:)