Creative Meditation no.1

Creative Meditation | Seed Plant Water Grow

Spending time photographing different ingredients is an amazing way to fine tune creative inspiration.  If you're anything like me, my creative wheels spin non-stop so sometimes it's necessary to take a moments pause and regroup.  I get to where I have this desire to throw every idea into a pot, turn it up high and let it cook(not literally, HaHa).  WELL…obviously that won't do.  So instead of producing overcooked mush I like to dial creatively back and spend time with the basics.  My LOVE for photographing food...which happens to be one of the founding drives behind this websites creative adventures.  The peace it brings is profound.  Simply spending intimate creative time photographing food whose sole purpose is to nourish and heal our bodies is incredibly centering.  It helps put life into perspective.  So I encourage everyone to find their GO TO creative basic in whatever area that is and visit often.  It will not only help recalibrate those precious creative ideas but it will also help bring you closer to their beautiful message.  And from this place, you'll be able to create from your true centered authentic self.  Check out the galley below of visuals captured from recent creative meditation moments:)

{new Creative Meditation - 2 coming early July 2017}

In other Seed Plant Water Grow news…check out the new Motion tab under Visual.  It contains the instruction videos and gif's for ALL food stories in one place.  And also be on the look out for a NEW food story post later this week.  Here's a little teaser of what's to come:)

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