Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day Flower Cookies and Espresso!!  Sending a bouquet of Beautiful Love to ALL the Mothers.  Today we Celebrate and Honor YOU...the glue that holds together every soccer practice, ballet recital, daily grocery run, scraped knees, tears, first heartbreaks, first loves, sleepless nights, are we there yet(s), tantrums of all kinds, nightly snuggles, bed time stories, school plays, laundry, cooking, cleaning, baking sales, school projects, homework, graduations, college admissions, weddings, births and the list goes on...YOU stand as the lighthouse in the dark of the night shining your constant and brilliant beacon across the ever expanding waters of life always Sacrificing and Braving ALL the elements in order to provide the safest path home.  And here's to my own Mother whose beacon of light still to this day shines so bright and is infused with nurturing messages of Unconditional Love, Strength, and Compassion...providing me with the smoothest platform a girl could ever hope to walk as I navigate life's growth filled waters.  Happy Mothers Day Mommy, I LOVE YOU Sooooooo Much and a BIG XOXOXOXO to you all:) #cookiesandespresso