Almond Butter and Apples

Here's this weeks collaboration with Xtend Barre Nashville in supporting #TastyTuesday It's all about providing fun tips and yummy treats:)

Do you ever find yourself experiencing that mid-afternoon lull?  Well...instead of reaching for a quick fix snack such as processed sugar and/or caffeine try gravitating towards something a whole lot healthier such as Almond Butter and Apples.  Your body will receive the boost it needs plus thank you by providing greater clarity and an improved mood.  Apples help regulate your blood sugar, reduce cravings, and provide bacterial balance in the digestive tract while Almonds are a great source for Magnesium(contributes to a functioning nervous system), Vitamin E(an antioxidant neutralizing free radicals preventing oxidation to healthy cells), and Iron(a healthy transport for oxygen):) #TastyTuesday

Want to try making some Almond Butter from scratch?  Check out this recipe below...


Homemade Cinnamon Maple Almond Butter

3 cups whole roasted almonds(unsalted)

1 tbsp maple syrup

1 tbsp oil of choice

1/2 tsp cinnamon


Place almonds in a food processor and blitz briefly to form a meal like texture.  Then add the rest of the ingredients.  Process the mixture stopping every minute or so to scape down the sides.  This process can take up to 30 minutes(depending on appliance used) so be patient but eventually right before your eyes it'll turn into this amazing yummy creamy blend.  At this point you can add salt to taste.

Almond Butter and Apples | Seed Plant Water Grow