Star Light Star Bright

Star Light Star Bright | Seed Plant Water Grow

It's always the small, sometimes overlooked, treasures in and around our lives that carry the greatest opportunity for turning our awareness towards a potential message.  For instance, on the backboard of my bed lay a string of these beautiful little star lights I found in Restoration Hardwares baby & child magazine.  I'm forever getting inspired just looking at all the fun youthful items because...let's be honest...there's an inquisitive little child in all us waiting to be dazzled. The presence of these little star lights reverberate this calming energetic glow as well as provide the perfect quality of space for any accumulated mind chatter to slowly start dissolving and to bring the entire body into a more peaceful state.  I'm then able to fall effortlessly to sleep meditating solely on a Happy Heart.  Sooooooo...I encourage everyone to find something small, perhaps overlooked, that resonates within.  It might just be the element needed to bring all the good that's already present in your life into perspective:)