Valentine Love featuring Ashley Monroe

Although love is an act of will honored by many throughout the year, February 14th always presents a perfect opportunity for renewal and realignment.  And as we arrive at the pinnacle of this heart centered day I thought what a perfect way to commemorate but to sit down with fellow Soul Sister and newlywed Ashley Monroe and document her journey through some good old fashioned Valentine card making fun.  So let's all join together in celebrating this universal language called LOVE!!  Happy Valentine's Day:)

Check out this cute video below using the super fun app Magisto.  It truly sums up Ashley's card making experience.  Then...if you feel like you want a little more, keep on scrolling to read all about her reaction and to view the fun photos from our day.  Enjoy!!:)

Soooooo Ashley, what were you thinking when I laid out all the colorful crafty Valentine supplies?

"I was thinking Hmmmmmm...I haven't done this kinda thing in years.  Just staring at all the sparkly hearts and crafty 'love tid bits'(and eating the sweethearts) I just didn't know if I knew how to make anything pretty." 

How did you decide to get started?

"Well, I sat down and just started cutting paper…gluing things, just like a little girl in kindergarten."

How did playing with everything make you feel?

"It instantly felt good just CREATING something…and also felt like another way to express myself."

Were you amazed with how your creative soul led you as the process unfolded?

"Oh yes...pretty soon I looked down and the card simply said "You are my Sunshine".  Who knew that was EXACTLY what I wanted to say."

Would you recommend this activity to others as a way to feel centered and connected?

"Yes Ma'am…I recommend anyone taking time out of a crazy life and just making something for someone you love.  I know I felt lighter on my feet all day.  I also recommend eating a box of sweethearts while doing it!!":)