Building(and releasing)

Building(and releasing) | Seed Plant Water Grow

I find it interesting that for a project I'm so committed to and excited about such as the building of this site, SeedPlantWaterGrow, that I'd actually experience difficulty in maneuvering my inward vision into an outward expression.  After months of coalescing as to how I wanted to proceed, I finally arrived at a chosen online destination to immediately face that for someone such as myself who is highly imaginative and doubly highly inquisitive, building a creative site is FULL of it's own unique stimulation. Now...I'm no stranger to this process but going it alone is a whole other realm of inviting overload.  I suppose one could say that I might've foreseen this scenario(actually...I did on some level) and saved myself the agony of a solo creative whirlpool but as much as this type of endeavor can at times seem downright t-o-r-t-u-r-o-u-s, it's endless possibilities are sooooooo fantastical.  Alas...the struggle, there's definitely some bliss in the walk though as it honestly represents the true birth and beginning of manifesting something unique and special as well as helping to symbolically release a much deeper embedded subconscious programing.  My goal is that once I can give my good ole creative over stimulated self room to breath and break it all down I'll actually be able to coddle and sweet talk him a little.  I'm sure he'll be eating out of my hands soon:)

In all seriousness though, every obstacle we encounter on our journey is placed so delicately at our fingertips as an opportunity for growth.  Just think what struggles a seed has to endure as it lays wait within the dark, incubating before the first signs of life take hold to then punch through its external shell to find that its journey has just begun. Fortunately the soil that encases it, the water that feeds it, and the sun that keeps it warm are ALL the essential nourishing elements needed to eventually break free. Without this guided struggle, the seed would never make it to its ultimate freedom. LIFE!!  So I will now stop digressing and embrace my own journey of allowing this extraordinary symbolic experience to help me let go of all residual ties of inner bondage dynamics and allow the released energy to transform my growth as I'm also gently led through the nurturing soil.  I'll emerge from the depths with an internal smile knowing that God was with me the whole time, guiding me to be greeted by His beautiful bright divine light of freedom:)