Mission(aka "why")

Adventures in the Art of Life

Hey there, my name is Angela Cay Hall and I am absolutely thrilled you've decided to pay a visit.  Whether you came here through happenstance or by intention alone, I'm utterly grateful for your company and hope that when you leave you'll have a smile on your face and at least a small piece of creative inspiration.  So let me see if I can explain what Seed Plant Water Grow represents.  Seed Plant Water Grow is a creative exploration space designed to support a growing need in sharing LIFE'S multifaceted and connective beauty through Adventures in the Art of Food, Writing, Photography, Videography, Creative Direction, Soul Connecting, Seeking, Motion Processing, Crafts, Holistic Healing and More.  A virtual room, I guess you could say, of this vast universe where I can blissfully dance to the music of my heart's desires.  My goal for this site is to help paint a cohesive picture of ALL the creative soul connecting ventures I LOVE while actively leaning into the manifestation of their timeless stories.  Hopefully through my ongoing journey of discovery these pages will come to inspire anyone struggling to become more engaged with manifesting goals and dreams within your own hearts path.

All too often individuals with high aspirations especially of the sensitive creative intuitive empathic nature can be left unchecked.  This is partly due to their core group not being able to relate, handle, or provide a safe nurturing support structure in order for them to explore their beautiful internal scenery.  As a result, they develop insecurities and shrink their desires based on the fears of others.  This process has always saddened me.  It feels like so many beautifully aware individuals right now are struggling to find their voice in a world where they can sometimes be overshadowed or misunderstood.  My hope is through my adventures I can offer a healthy perspective of this ongoing process where the goal is for a fully supported beautifully sensitive creative intuitive empathic mind to meet FORM.  So lets get to planting those seeds.  Big Hugs and Happy Beautiful Love from me to YOU.