When you first ask someone what inspires them, their response usually speaks of a person, a place, a piece of art, or perhaps a song.   But the truth is, they're merely expressing a singular vision that reflects multiple qualities found deep within.  These qualities are like a collection of happy little sparklers just waiting individually to be lit up and waved around.  They're available to us at any time it's just a matter of attuning our perception to the deeper meaning of life's endless nuances.  And by allowing our senses this freedom, we automatically raise our frequency to receive the many beautiful Spirit filled messages available to each and everyone of us.

So the Inspire section of Visual truly represents an ongoing quest in keeping my awareness tuned to the highest possible frequency so that I may always have a direct line to my beautiful little sparklers.  And to allow this transformed energy to speak the truths of this universe.  The process is a boosted energy source used to help fuel all other creative endeavors:)