Kelly Rogers...The Boys of Summer Music Video Adventure

Walking through any creative adventure requires a healthy dose of trusting the process and a gentleness toward the always present anxieties but it's the stroll through to completion no matter of expectation or outcome that really align the heart with our own personal magic.  It's never easy putting yourself out there and trying something new but to collaborate while doing so provides an encouraging blanket of support.  This connection is invaluable as hours of tolling through every aspect drives the basic core need to just create.  Kelly's gracious heart entrusted me to help tell the visual moving side of her music video project.  There's no greater gift.  The experience of first time directing was completely exhilarating and I owe her buckets gratitude.  Below you find a few pictures taken over the course of a several days then keep scrolling to view The Boys of Summer by Kelly Rogers.  Definitely more to come from this gal.  Happy Beautiful People:)