About Me

Photo by  Erick Anderson

I guess my journey of TRUE self discovery, at least from a hindsight perspective, mainly began at an early age.  It was during this time(mid 70's) that my Granny Hall opened a Health Foods store and began a pioneering journey as a Healer.  Her efforts reinvigorated a holistic way of living at a time when that style wasn't as prevalent.  She was ahead of the curve in so many ways and by using tools such as applied kinesiology, supplements, herbs, flower essences, and her love of God she was able to help free minds and open hearts for generations to come.  Little did I know the impact this way of life would have on my own personal journey in preparing for a healers mindset through creative exploration that would eventually join the collective universal healing consciousness to come.  Now, I must say, that although I had this early introduction to a world of holistic healing it wasn't until completion of college that I truly dove whole heartedly onto a warriors path.  I graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication which more specifically entails the study of symbolic human behavior.  I really loved this major.  My curriculum was filled with classes on persuasion, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, and debate.  And because almost all of them were interactive it provided a wonderful platform for nurturing the self discovery seed.  Once graduated, I tried engaging in a few different areas of expertise more specific to the corporate side of my major but ultimately felt the unyielding call of my yearning sensitive creative heart and went back to school for a Cosmotology license.  I always loved anything that dealt with the world of beauty and creativity.  Both my parents growing up were artistically motivated.  Some of my favorite memories are from the summers spent playing at Beersheba Springs Arts and Crafts festival where my parents sold beautiful hand made/hand painted leather goods.  This environmental transplantation helped broaden my creative perspective and provided a visual playground that spoke to the mystical dreams within my own internal kingdom.  So the direction into Cosmotology just seemed to fit.  Once I completed all my course studies, I followed this passion into the world of freelance Hair and Makeup Styling as well as owning and operating a private studio for Hair Extensions and Lash Extensions.  It was really quite perfect.  It allowed me the opportunity to merge my college communication studies and my holistic upbringing with my expressive yet sensitive creative self. Definitely a happy marriage.  But after many years, I realized there was so much more to who I was and the sides of myself I wanted to explore.  


It took me a while to fully embrace the creative gifts God graciously entrusted as an energy this varied can be overwhelming to others.  I do understand why but at times it left me feeling unsupported and questioning of myself.  All too often when people feel energetically threatened they try to label you in an effort to pigeon hole your efforts into one box.  This simply makes it more comfortable for them to cohabit.  All I wanted was the freedom to be me so I turned inward for guidance.  And through God's nurturing LOVE and the divine presence of some wonderful spiritual healers, I learned to shift my perception once again back to my creative loving sensitive nurturing center by peeling away layers of unnecessary labeled projections.  The process was(and can be at times) a painful journey YET extremely cleansing and I now carry great compassion for those who use fear as a means to strike.  From this renewed state, I was able to observe the effects projected fear has on a highly sensitive creative soul.  And what I mean by sensitive creative is I FEEL on a very deep level.  It's from this level I receive divine information that moves me towards wanting to create something...anything, where the vision may not always be in-line with a more linear way of expressing.  It also means I'm very aware of my surroundings and will have a tendency to FEEL the negative effects of projected energies.  Without a center, the incoming information can get cross wired.  So without having a personal sound center tethered to my source of guidance and a depth understanding of letting go, an ungrounded compass will have a tendency to yield to the misinformation.  Therefore, upholding a CONSTANT higher perspective is key.  My hope is that through my vigilant journey walking an awareness path I'll build a worthy tool box of sensitive creative experiences in which to share.  Perhaps it will resonate and lend a much needed breath for anyone else struggling to find a way back to their own sensitive creative center:)